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3 Amblyopia Exercises

Both children and adults can have amblyopia, but it is quite common in children. It is easier to correct when you are a child, but adults can be helped as well.

Young Child With Patch On One Eye

Amblyopia is a visual issue where one eye does not develop as well as the other. Put simply, the eyes have unequal focusing power. To compensate for this, patients will rely on the stronger eye while the weaker continues to decline. Also known as “lazy eye.” the brain will eventually favor the stronger eye.

Amblyopia can be difficult to diagnose unless you are examined by an experienced eye care provider. Unless this condition is treated early in life it can hamper normal visual development. Here are 3 amblyopia exercises.


Patching the stronger eye is a reliable treatment for amblyopia, and it can also be considered an exercise. It works best when used in children between the ages of 1 and 10. The stronger eye wears a patch from 2-6 hours per day to stimulate the weaker eye to work harder and the brain to make the connection.

Depending on the severity of the lazy eye, your eye doctor will prescribe the length of time to wear the patch on a daily basis and how long to continue the exercise. If your child is already wearing glasses, the patch is placed inside the lens.

In order to succeed, patching requires the complete cooperation of both parents and the teachers at school.


Another exercise of sorts is administering drops in the stronger eye each day to induce blurriness. This forces the weak eye to work harder.

At Home Eye Exercises for Amblyopia

Under the direction of your eye doctor, there are some eye exercises you can do to complement the other treatments. Do not rely on online eye exercises without checking with your doctor. Many of these are not sanctioned by the American Optometric Association. Speak to our Optometrists for their advice and recommendations for any at home exercises to aid with Amblyopia.

Early detection and treatment offer the best outcomes for amblyopia.

As our children head back to school, give them all the tools they need to succeed. If you suspect your child may have visual issues, contact Cedar Park Vision for an appointment.


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