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9 Telltale Signs You Need Glasses

May 22, 2023

Over 60 percent of American adults wear prescription glasses. If you’re not seeing as clearly as you used to, it might be about time to get on board. But, how do you know if you need glasses, or if there’s something else going on? We can help you out. There are… Read Full Post

How to Detect and Treat a Corneal Scratch

December 16, 2022

Did you know that a corneal scratch, also known as a corneal abrasion, is one of the most common eye injuries in the workplace and is responsible for 2% of all visits to primary care clinics? Workplace debris, makeup bushes, and fingernails are the most common causes of corneal scratches. However, many people aren’t… Read Full Post

What Causes Cataracts and How Are They Treated?

August 15, 2022

Affecting over 24.4 million Americans, cataracts are one of the most prevalent vision problems in the world. In fact, over half of people age 75 and older have some form of cataracts. With statistics like these, you’re probably wondering “What are cataracts?” and “How can I avoid them?” No one wants… Read Full Post

The Complete Guide to Choosing an Eye Doctor: Everything to Know

July 18, 2022

A National Institutes of Health study has discovered that 94% of Americans above the age of twelve have good vision. However, that same study found that the remaining 14 million people have visual impairments. Millions of those have uncorrected impairments, like nearsightedness. Maybe you face one of these visual impairments and want to seek… Read Full Post

Ease Screen Time Eye Strain with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

May 31, 2022

Between phones, computers, and TVs the average American spends over 7 hours looking at a screen each day. This means that they also spend over 7 hours straining their eyes with blue light. This can have some negative effects, as large quantities of blue light are not good for your eyes. So,… Read Full Post

Trouble Seeing? 9 Common Signs You Need New Glasses

May 15, 2022

Did you know the eyewear industry was valued as a $110 billion dollar industry in 2020? People spend a lot of money on eyeglasses, but how often do you need to upgrade your eyewear? By understanding the signs your glasses are getting old, you can determine when it’s time to invest in… Read Full Post

7 Foods You Can Eat to Improve Eye Health

February 23, 2022

A carrot a day keeps the eye doctor away, or so the story goes. We’ve all been told that certain foods can sharpen our vision or improve eye health—but is there any truth to that common wisdom? If you’re wondering whether packing the right foods onto your plate can help… Read Full Post

How to Improve Your Eye Care Routine

February 1, 2022

Are you looking after your eyesight? Our eyesight is one of the things that we take for granted the most when it comes to our health. But around 76% of Americans need vision correction. It’s not enough to go to the opticians once a year, you have to do your part… Read Full Post

The Key to 20/20 Vision: 5 Best Vitamins for Eye Health

January 5, 2022

Do you want to improve your vision? A lot of things can cause damage to your eyesight, like accidents or age. But today we want to talk about how you can protect your sight by following certain vitamins that can keep your eyes in tip-top shape. The five best vitamins… Read Full Post

7 Warning Signs You Should See a Local Eye Doctor

January 2, 2022

Did you know that over 61% of the population needs some sort of vision correction? You or someone you know likely wears glasses, which is a common reason to visit an optometrist. What you might not be aware of is that there are a variety of other reasons why you might need… Read Full Post

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