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The LASIK Recovery Process

LASIK surgery is quickly becoming one of the preferred methods of treatment for visual acuity. Advances in technology have made the procedure extremely effective, presenting very few side effects in most cases. Currently, over 20 million Americans have had some form of LASIK procedure done, and with 3,300 refractive surgeons operating in over 1,060 hospitals in the US alone, that number is sure to rise.

Although the risks of LASIK have been drastically decreased, it is still an incredibly delicate procedure. Its effectiveness requires that you follow your surgeon’s instructions meticulously. Failure to do so can result in excessive post-operative eye pain and irritation, a sub optimal visual result, as well having an impact on the effectiveness of any additional corrective procedures that you may need in the future.

What to Expect

  • Day of the procedure: Your vision will likely be blurry for the first few hours following your surgery. You may experience the feeling of having a slight foreign body in your eye, similar to an eyelash. It’s absolutely imperative that you avoid the urge to rub it. Should you feel any discomfort, you may take a mild pain reliever, although you should clear this with your doctor ahead of time.
  • Day after: By the next morning you should notice a significant increase in your vision. It’s also standard procedure on the first day to return to the clinic for your first post-operative examination. Typically after a day or two patients are able to resume normal daily activities and return to work, however, you should avoid strenuous activity like working out for at least 7 days.
  • First four weeks: You may experience extra sensitivity to light, as well as occasional tearing or dryness. These are perfectly normally post-op symptoms. Your doctor may prescribe you with lubricating eye drops to combat any irritation. Avoid getting any foreign objects in your eyes other than the drops. Feel free to wash your face with soap and water, but avoid getting soap in your eyes.
  • After four weeks: After one month you may resume any high intensity activities. Contact sports like hockey and football are allowed, but consult with your doctor before resuming other more dangerous sports like boxing or martial arts. Swimming pools and spas are also now permitted.

LASIK surgery can offer you a level of vision correction beyond what you may have ever thought to be possible. It’s truly a life changing procedure. However, as with any surgery, the recovery period can be extensive, and requires your active participation to ensure a successful result.


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