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The Look of Love

We’ve all heard the saying love at first sight, but did you know that there are actually certain characteristics in our eyes that influence how we perceive each other? Our personal preferences in eye shape or color may vary, but there are some traits that are universally attractive. In the spirit of Valentines Day, here are some of the characteristics of eyes that make us fall in love.Happy Couple

Thick and Dark Limbal Rings

Your limbal rings are the dark division between your iris and the white of your eye. Not only does the limbal ring accentuate the color of your eyes, but it’s also an indication of health and youth. Health and youth are desirable qualities from a reproductive standpoint and are something we unconsciously notice about each other almost immediately. The limbal ring is most noticeable in children and young adults. Its appearance naturally thins and fades with age or the onset of illness. Small subcultures of Japanese women use limbal ring enhancing contact lenses to enhance their eyes by increasing the appearance of size and definition.

Enlarged Pupils

Like limbal rings, people have noted the desirability of people with enlarged pupils and have been finding ways to enhance their pupils for centuries. Dating back to the Middle Ages, women in Italy would dilate their pupils with something called “belladonna” to gain the attention of men. Although “belladonna” is no longer used, because it was found to be toxic and harmful to people’s health, there are many ways in which women still enlarge their pupils to attract men. Models are commonly photoshopped to sport larger, darker pupils and fashion contact lenses also exist to create this effect. Studies have found that men prefer the appearance of large pupils in women because it indicates the woman’s interest in them. Women however, do not seek out enlarged pupils in men, but prefer medium-sized pupils as it indicates long-term interest.

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