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Animals with Amazing Vision

The animal kingdom is pretty amazing! With so much variety out there, some animals can see even better than we could ever imagine! Here are some of the world’s wildest creatures with the coolest visual features.


Hippos are incredible at seeing underwater due to a clear membrane that covers their eyeballs and protects them from any debris in the water. It’s as if they have a pair of built in goggles allowing a smooth transition between seeing under and over the water. Hippos are also nocturnal and see very well in the dark.


A butterflies’ eye is composed of hundreds of microscopic six-sided lenses, commonly referred to as compound eyes. This feature is common in many varieties of insects and allows for them to see in numerous directions simultaneously which gives them 360-degree vision. Although butterflies are unable to gain a sharp focus on one given thing, they are able to see ultraviolet light which is pretty cool. Ultraviolet light is undetectable to the human eye, but butterflies use this feature to seek out nectar-filled flowers.


Snakes may not have the best vision in the animal kingdom, but they sure do have an interesting feature: thermal vision. Some species of snakes like boas, pythons and pit vipers, have the ability to sense the body heat of their prey. This allows them to strike with extreme precision even without any light.


eagle visionGoats have unusual looking eyes with long rectangular pupils. Unlike other kinds of mammals, the shape of a goat’s eyes allow it see a much wider range of vision ranging from 320–340 degrees. This wider range of vision allows for more accurate peripheral sight, depth perception and night vision.


Eagles, like many other birds of prey, have incredible vision and are able to see four to five times farther than a human. Not only do their eyes have the ability to magnify and achieve a sharp focus, but they also possess a wider range of color discrimination. Eagles can actually see differences in color that we are unable to perceive including ultraviolet light.

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