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Transition Lenses 101: How do They Work?

One of the big issues with standard eyeglasses is that they don’t play nice with the changing light levels that surround us. So, while they might allow you to see in the morning and the night, they put tremendous stress on your eyes when the sun comes out in the afternoon.

If only there were glasses that could adjust with these changing light levels. What you might not know, however, is that there are. They’re called transition lenses and they will protect your eyes at all points of the day.

Curious as to how they work? Then read on. We’re going to get into the details below.

How Do Transition Lenses Work?

Transition lenses work by reacting to UV rays. They’re made with photochromic dyes. These dyes change color based on the number of UV rays they’re being exposed to.

When they’re being exposed to a great number of UV rays, they become almost entirely black. When they’re being exposed to no UV rays, they’re clear. They operate on a spectrum, growing darker and darker as the number of UV rays increases.

The Benefits of Transition Lenses

Transition lenses offer a number of benefits. The most prominent of these include the following.

They’re Convenient

Carrying an additional pair of sunglasses around with you can be a hassle. You need to put them in your pocket or your purse or some other storage receptacle. Regardless of where you put them, they create an uncomfortable and inconvenient situation.

But transition lenses eliminate the need for an extra pair of glasses. Because they’re always correcting your vision and because they seamlessly adjust to changing light levels, they’re the only glasses you ever need. Throw them on your face before you leave the house and you’ll be good to go for the rest of the day, regardless of the conditions you come across.

They’re Quick to React

As we’ve noted, transition lenses adjust their darkness levels to combat the changing light levels that surround them. Don’t be under the impression that they do this slowly. In truth, there is no delay involved at all.

These glasses are reactive and intuitive and will adjust the second the surrounding light levels change. So, regardless of the weather conditions, transition lenses will protect your eyes from the sun.

They Offer Tons of Bang for Their Buck

You might think that transition lenses are more expensive than traditional lenses and, well, you would be right. However, that’s a pair-to-pair comparison.

When you take into account the fact that transition lenses are essentially two pairs in one, you see that they actually offer quite a bit of bang for their buck. Not only are you getting protection from the sun, but you’re also having your vision corrected on a constant basis.

As such, there’s no reason to pay additional money for high-end designer sunglasses or even gas station sunglasses, for that matter. You’ll always have an attractive and high-quality pair on your face that can get the job done regardless of surrounding conditions.

They’re Available in a Number of Styles

Think that transition lense styles will be limited? You’re thinking wrong. Transition lenses are available in a number of different styles, just as many as you’ll find with traditional eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Whether you want big lenses, small lenses, circular lenses, squared lenses, thick frames, thin frames, or otherwise, you will be accommodated. Transition lenses are made to cater to all glasses trends and all glasses types.

They Ensure That Your Eyes Are Protected

UV rays are not just hard to see through. They can be absolutely damaging to the eyes, leading to cataracts, eye sensitivity, and maybe even eye cancer. As such, you need to protect your eyes from them as much as possible.

Transition lenses ensure that your eyes are protected at all times. This is because, unlike sunglasses, you need them in order to see. So, you always have an incentive to wear them.

They Reduce Your Risk of Losing Glasses

When you have to carry several pairs of glasses around with you, you are more likely to lose or misplace one of those pairs of glasses. After all, you could easily knock glasses out of your pocket when you’re reaching for your wallet or spare change.

But when you use transition lenses, your only pair of glasses is almost always on your face. It’s much more difficult to lose a pair of glasses when you’re essentially always looking at them.

How to Get Transition Lenses

So, you’re interested in buying transition lenses. The question is: how do you get them? Generally speaking, the best option is to see your local eye doctor.

You’ll be given a fresh eye exam, after which you’ll be given a prescription for new eyeglasses. When you’re given an opportunity to choose new glasses, ask your eye doctor about transition lenses, in particular.

Many eye doctors carry transition lenses in their offices and have large selections of them for their patients to choose from. If your eye doctor doesn’t offer transition lenses in-office, you can instead use your prescription to order them online.

Interested in Buying Transition Lenses?

What do you think? Are transition lenses right for you? If so and if you’re in Cedar Park, Texas, we here at Cedar Park Vision are the people to see.

We’re the premier eye doctors in the area and have a variety of transition lenses for our patients to choose from. Regardless of your style preferences, we have you covered.

Schedule an appointment today!

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