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Makeup Tips for Girls with Glasses

You shouldn’t have to choose between wearing glasses and feeling beautiful. Not wearing your prescription glasses can cause strain to your eyes resulting in headaches and discomfort. Here are some ways you can make your makeup and glasses work together in perfect harmony!

Happy Girl  wearing Glasses

Use Mascara

It is a common belief that you shouldn’t wear mascara when using your glasses in case it transfers or sticks to the lens. This can easily be avoided by simply waiting for your mascara to fully dry before putting your glasses back on. Watery eyes? Try using waterproof mascara to help it stay in place all day. Mascara is a great way to make your eyes appear larger and well rested. To avoid emphasizing any shadows that may be casted from your frames, it is best to skip the mascara on the lower lashes.

Curl Your Eyelashes

Before applying your mascara (or if you decide to go without), you must never forget to curl your eyelashes. This is one of the simplest steps with the greatest impact. Not only does curling your eyelashes make them look noticeably bigger, but it also prevents them from poking at your lenses. This is especially true for those of you with straighter lashes.

Keep Your Liner in Scale

Eyeliner is great for making your lash line appear fuller and for framing your eyes. There are so many creative ways you can express your personal style with eyeliner, just because you’re wearing frames, doesn’t mean what’s underneath doesn’t matter. One thing to keep in mind when using eyeliner while wearing glasses is size, it’s important that the combination looks balanced. As a simple guide: If you wear thicker frames, you can afford to go thicker and bolder with the liner. If your frames are thinner, try a thin liner to avoid overpowering them.

Keep the Eye Shadows Light

Sometimes wearing glasses, depending on your frame choice and prescription, can make your eyes seem smaller than they actually are. If you cover your lid space in dark eye shadows, this will only make them seem smaller. Light or neutral colors like taupe, soft brown, beige or gold can actually make your eyes appear larger and brighter. Use medium colors in the crease of your eye to create depth and light colors across your lid to make them seem larger. To really make your eyes shine, add a light or sparkly highlighting shade (cream, beige or light pink) to the inner corners and dab a little bit right on to the center of your lid.

Don’t Leave Out Your Skin

Eye makeup isn’t the only thing people notice when you’re wearing glasses, your skin matters too. Think of it as the backdrop or base of your overall look, as it can really help you look polished and well put together. If you don’t love wearing foundation, try a tinted moisturizer or BB cream instead. To avoid indentation marks from your glasses, you can also try using a mineral powder. Once your base is flawless, don’t forget to add a little life back into your cheeks with a light dusting of blush or bronzer.

Use a Corrective Concealer Under Eyes

Since frames can sometimes cast a dark shadow under our eyes, it’s important to keep this area extra bright to avoid looking tired or unwell. Peach, pink or yellow toned concealers are great for counteracting this problem. When choosing a concealer for under the eye, it’s best to pick one that has good coverage (high pigmentation), but has a thin or creamy consistency to avoid looking dry or creased. To achieve a ‘no-makeup’ aesthetic, try mixing a little concealer in with your eye-cream for some undetectable coverage.

Define Your Brows

Keeping your brows looking full creates a more youthful look and is one of the best ways to look polished. The eyebrows frame the face and should never be ignored, especially if you are wearing glasses. There are various powder, pencil and gel products on the market. Pick a color that most closely matches your brows, if you have lighter hair, you can choose a color that is one to two shades darker. If you have dark hair, choose a shade that is one to two shades lighter. After filling in your brows, be sure to comb through to keep them looking natural and use a brow gel overtop if your hairs are unruly.

Wearing makeup is a great way to look and feel beautiful, but be sure to do it safely. For more advice on glasses and your eye health, contact us.


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