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Ease Screen Time Eye Strain with Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Between phones, computers, and TVs the average American spends over 7 hours looking at a screen each day. This means that they also spend over 7 hours straining their eyes with blue light. This can have some negative effects, as large quantities of blue light are not good for your eyes.

So, how can you address this issue, expose yourself to less blue light, and reduce eye strain? Blue light blocking glasses may be the perfect solution for a variety of different situations. Let’s find out more about them right here.

The Harm of Blue Light

Before diving into how to prevent blue light exposure, it is important to understand why blue light is harmful.

Blue light is light emitted on the most powerful end of the visual spectrum of light. If the light were any more powerful, it would be ultraviolet light. As most know the dangers of ultraviolet light, it isn’t hard to see why being constantly exposed to blue light can pose a risk.

Blue light also has a penetrating effect. While your eye filters out some of the harmful sections of the electromagnetic spectrum, it still needs to let in visible light. Since blue light is a form of visible light, it can reach your entire eye.

However, it isn’t clear the full impact of blue light danger. Because it has only recently caught the attention of researchers, there haven’t been many exhaustive studies. Unfortunately, several of the studies that have been completed indicate that blue light contributes to eye strain.

What is definitively known is that blue light exposure disrupts sleep. Blue light is one of your body’s natural signals to stay awake. The sun emits blue light so, to your body, the presence of blue light indicates that it is still daylight out and, thus, you should be awake.

This is why exposure to blue light at night can disrupt sleep. Parts of your brain think the sun is out and keep you up because of this.

Reducing Blue Light Exposure

The simplest and most effective way to reduce blue light exposure is to reduce your exposure to screens. This essentially cuts the problem out at the source, which helps out overall.

Unfortunately, for many people, this simply isn’t possible. Jobs and school often require one to stare at a computer or phone for hours at a time. Especially today, it is hard to stay away from the digital world and escape these commitments.

Even leisure time is a risk. After a long day at work, most people just want to relax in front of the TV. However, the TV is a large source of blue light.

There are even places where screens exist where they didn’t exist previously. Now, refrigerators, alarm clocks, and digital assistants have screens.

The prevalence of screens makes it hard to walk away from blue light. This is where blue light glasses can help.

Blue Light Non-Perscription Glasses

One of the best ways to block blue light on a regular basis is to wear glasses that specifically block blue light. These glasses can be used any time you want. However, they should especially be used when you are exposing yourself to a screen for an extended period of time.

Blue light blocking glasses are an option even for people who do not normally wear glasses. They function like sunglasses, in that they do not change the way you see but filter out some of the light.

With a pair of these glasses, while working on the computer, you can wear them and reduce your blue light intake. If you don’t already wear glasses, this may take some getting used to. However, the health benefits may be worth the mild discomfort.

Reading glasses are another option. If you already use readers, you can find a pair that has been treated to address blue light. Then, you can do activities that already require readers, like looking at your phone or computer, without exposing yourself to excess levels of blue light.

Blue Light Prescription Glasses

If you already wear glasses, making the switch over to blue light glasses is even easier. The next time you purchase new glasses, you simply need to add a blue light treatment to the lenses. In most cases, this will not be a problem.

The benefit of these glasses is that they can be used constantly. Most people do not like to walk around with reading glasses on. Plus, people who don’t normally wear glasses may forget to put their glasses on when sitting down to watch TV.

However, most people who already wear glasses wear them all the time. This eliminates many common places where you would be exposed to blue light. Whether you are sitting at your computer or watching TV, your eyes are under cover.

It also helps in situations where blue light is unexpected. As mentioned above, there are more screens in the world now than there ever were before. Keeping your blue light glasses on all the time helps prevent exposure even where you least expect it.

Reducing Eye Strain With Blue Light Glasses

A pair of blue light glasses is a simple way to take care of yourself. They can help reduce eye strain and provide you with a better night’s sleep. Anyone who is around screens for extended periods of time should consider making a change like this.

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